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Ads & their extensions

Our goal was always to provide maximal reach of your ads and ensure quicker sale of your race car, part or equipment.
Imagine how long it would take to find a racing marketplace in countries all over Europe, submit an ad and how much fees would that require? Let us help you with a simple answer.. a lot.
And how much ads do you need to post on racemarket to achieve all that? One.

Yes, you only need to place one single ad and it will take just a few minutes to do so. And by doing that you actually placed 20 of them, as your ad will be visible on 20 marketplaces all over Europe. And not just that, it will be displayed in their own language to provide better understanding for buyers and best of all, we'll do the translations in other 19 languages for you. Because we don't just sell ads, we sell time.

Translations don't only provide better understanding for the buyers, but they also ensure more chances to be found, as when you are selling a "Fiesta R5 rally car" it will be found also by searching on Google as "Fiesta R5 auto da rally", "Fiesta R5 voiture de rallye" and many more.

Advertise locally, nationally and europe-wide at the same time.
With daily serious inquiries that pass through our moderation queue, post your ad now.

Normal ad

  • visible on 20 marketplaces
  • translated into 20 languages by our team
  • with up to 5 images
  • does not expire until marked as sold
  • can be improved with ad extensions

Premium extension

  • eye-catching background
  • Premium ribbon
  • placed on top of its category
  • shown on home page (randomly)
  • Duration: 14 days

Highlight extension

  • eye-catching background
  • Duration: 14 days

Move to top extension

  • move your ad back on top of the home page and its category, like it was posted just now.
  • Duration: one-time action (available from 7 days after submission)
Single ads
from 8,99 €
Cars for sale 17,99€
Cars for rent 17,99€
Race trailers 17,99€
Car spare parts 8,99€
Kart category 8,99€
Ad extensions
from 5,99 €
Premium extension 9,99€
Highlighted extension 7,99€
Move to top extension 5,99€
Choose your option

Ad pricing
and extension fees

With secure payments via PayPal, Stripe or bank transfer. You can pay each time or using credit pack for easier checkout.
Promote your company, increase your brand reach, increase your sales!

Banner advertising

Banner advertising is a great way to promote your company's products, offers and services and offers various different options based on your target markets and categories. Each banner advertising package includes banners on selected positions, analytics data always available to you at custom URL, a post about your services on our blog and possibility of press releases during advertising period, while our design team can also create suitable banners for you (free of charge for longer period bookings).
Put your services and products directly in front of people who need them. From amateur racers to world-best individuals and teams in the world.
Additional tools for your ads

Ad exports

Display your ads on Facebook page

Facebook export

Allows you to have all of your ads displayed in a separate tab on your Facebook page, with all the features from website display. Please note that Facebook does not offer mobile tabs, so this extension will be only accessible on desktop version.
Display your ads on your website

Website export

Allows you to have all of your ads displayed on a special page on your website, automatically synchronized, so once you post a new ad on our marketplace, it will be immediately displayed on your website as well. Each ad includes simple social sharing buttons, so potential buyers can share it with others on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels..

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