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Commission sales

Avoid the submission fees, spare your time and money and leave all the hard work to us.
We'll handle all the communication with the clients on your behalf, until one of them is ready to buy and introduced to you, while you keep all the control as:
  • - the car remains in your possession at all times (no need to transport it to our locations).
  • - you decide whose offer you will accept.
  • - you agree all the details, contracts and timelines.
We just bring you serious buyers.

Our fee structure is designed to be fair and transparent. Once sold, you will only pay a maximum of 4% of the sale amount, subject to a minimum of €500. Or completely free with exclusivity. No sale, no fees.

How to start?

Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you immediately.

More about commission sales

Why should I sell my car using this service?
Because finding a serious buyer for your race car takes time and money. But we won't take neither from you, in case of exclusivity (advertising only on our network) or just a small fee up to 4% without it. A dedicated manager will make sure that your car is shown on the biggest racing marketplace network in Europe and handle all the communication for you, so you avoid all the possible time wasters and focus on things you value most.
We've already ensured the sales of entry-level cars ranging from 15000€ all the way to the top level LMP3 cars and Dakar buggies in amount of more than 300.000€, so let us help you too.
How exactly does this work?
To begin, you fill out the form above with information about your car. One of our team members will contact you shortly to see if the car matches the requirements to be represented by us. Afterwards you'll be requested to provide details and photos so we can submit an ad on our network. We'll contact you if additional information is required (if we don't have an answer to the client's question) and once of them is ready to buy, we'll introduce it to you to agree all the timelines and contracts. After the sale is concluded, we'll issue your an invoice for our services.
Do you accept any race car or spare part?
We carefully select the cars or parts that we believe, based on our experience, will be interesting to our visitors and sellable. We deserve the right to decline representing an item that we do not find suitable, without providing an explicit reason. However, if you visited this page via link sent by one of our team members, you probably own one that fits our criteria. Check out our current inventory.
Can I still advertise it elsewhere?
With exclusivity option, you can not advertise it on any other website, forum or social media. But we'll make sure you won't have a need to.
Will you handle the sale contract?
No, we only get you the customer and introduce both parties on the initiation of the escrow process. The actual contract, terms and other agreements are between seller and buyer and not in our awareness nor responsibility.
Will you handle delivery to the customer?
We do not offer delivery services directly, however we can connect you with a few of our partners, well established shipping companies, specialized in car transport and they can arrange the pickup and delivery of the sold vehicle.
Terms and Conditions
Seller is responsible for confirming the accuracy of the advert (listing), while buyer needs to get acquainted with all the details about the offered goods included in the sale. Racemarket is not included or involved in the contract between seller and buyer, is not aware about the goods condition and does not carry any inspection of the cars and parts offered by users. Racemarket cannot be held responsible for any dispute, loss or damage, as a result of incorrect description provided by the seller or its (mis)translations on other marketplaces.

All transactions are handled by trustap and subject to their Terms & Conditions, which you can find here, including potential disputes between parties. network is not responsible nor directly included in any transaction processed through trustap as a result of agreement via our network. The checkout process may contain racemarket branding including logo for the purpose of legitimacy and racemarket brand name in the checkout "to" field to protect seller identity, but racemarket network is never the recipient of the deposit, trustap is. Further rules apply as stated here.
Do it yourself

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Prefer to do it on your own?
Then simply register an account, submit an ad, pay the submission fees and wait for the buyers to contact you via email or phone, if provided.

Enjoy all the benefits of the biggest racing marketplace network in Europe, with your ad on 20 marketplaces, with strict moderation inquiry sparing you from all the time wasters and connecting you with thousands of motorsport individuals every day, whether you want to sell locally, nationally, or throughout Europe. The choice is yours, we just provide the options.

Available options

Normal ad

  • visible on 20 marketplaces
  • translated into 20 languages by our team
  • with up to 10 images
  • does not expire until marked as sold
  • can be improved with ad extensions

Premium extension

  • eye-catching background
  • Premium ribbon
  • placed on top of its category
  • shown on home page (randomly)
  • Duration: 14 days

Highlight extension

  • eye-catching background
  • Duration: 14 days

Move to top extension

  • move your ad back on top of the home page and its category, like it was posted just now.
  • Duration: one-time action (available from 7 days after submission)

More about ads and extensions

When does my ad expire?
All submitted ads are visible until you mark them as sold or delete them permanently. You only need to pay submissions fees once. Please note that you cannot replace an item inside the ad with an entirely new one. Ad extensions have a duration set as stated in the table above, with Premium extension offering several length options ranging from 14 days to 3 months.
Can I advertise my daily driver?
You can only advertise cars that are strictly intended for racing purposes, not a regular one. Simply said, if it has a rollcage and racing seats, then it fits.
How can I pay the submission fees?
There are several options for you to choose from: bank transfer, Paypal and Stripe for credit card payments. The latter two are immediate, while in case of bank transfer, it may take a couple of days for your payment to be received, so your ad will not be visible until then. If you are a company (eligible for VAT deduction), please make sure you enter the VAT number inside your user account for pricing without VAT, as later changes will not be possible.
Terms and Conditions
Please take a moment review once again all the rules that apply to ads and extensions as stated here. For additional help, please see page "Instructions".

Ad pricing
and extension fees
Prices exclude VAT. (VAT exempt for EU VAT registered companies and customers from outside EU).
Single ads
from 14,99 €
Cars for sale 34,99€
Cars for rent 34,99€
Race trailers 48,99€
Car spare parts 14,99€
Ad extensions
from 12,99 €
Premium extension 49,99€
Highlighted extension 16,99€
Move to top extension 12,99€
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Ad pricing
and extension fees

Prices exclude VAT. (VAT exempt for EU VAT registered companies and customers from outside EU).

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