Amplify Your Brand Visibility with ShopPack

Are you looking for an opportunity to accelerate your brand’s reach, tap into a vibrant motorsport community, and drive more traffic to your website with just two simple clicks? If your answer is yes, then our newly launched service, ShopPack, might just be the game-changer you need.

Our online marketplace has grown into a thriving hub for the motorsport community, boasting a user base of over 7,500 dedicated sellers and attracting over 140,000 visitors every month. This platform has been meticulously cultivated to serve an audience that is passionate about motorsport, actively seeking their next purchase of race cars, spare parts, and equipment.

Introducing ShopPack

To better serve our marketplace community and provide even more opportunities for sellers, we’ve launched ShopPack—a service designed to place your products front and center, directly in front of our extensive, targeted audience.

ShopPack works seamlessly within our platform, appearing as a regular listing but with added features that amplify its impact. The highlight is a direct link to your website within the listing, making it simple for potential buyers to transition from interest to purchase.

Reach Out Across the Globe

What sets ShopPack apart is its impressive multilingual capability. Your product listing isn’t limited to one language or one market; it’s translated into 20 different languages. This not only maximizes your product’s visibility across our diverse user base but also ensures your brand reaches multiple international markets, thus increasing your global reach.

From our marketplaces to your website in just two simple clicks:

ShopPack ad preview

Tailored ShopPack Options for Every Seller

We understand that every seller is unique, which is why we’ve designed two versions of ShopPack:

  1. Retailers: Ideal for shops selling various brands of parts and equipment. Retailers can select from 100 already created ads for the most popular brands, including OMP, Sparco, Stilo, and more. Depending on your marketing goals, you can choose where a link to your website will appear – in one, selected, or all marketplaces.
  2. Manufacturers: Perfect for manufacturers selling their own products. By booking a ShopPack ad, your link will be prominently displayed across all 20 of our marketplaces.

Boost Your SEO

In today’s digital world, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a crucial role in making your product and brand discoverable. With ShopPack, your product listing translated into 20 languages significantly improves your SEO. This feature helps your brand to be more easily found via search engines, enhancing your brand’s online visibility, and, by extension, your potential for sales.

Setting the Pace with Affordable Pricing

ShopPack is not just about providing exceptional value, but also about delivering it cost-effectively. We’ve established a clear, transparent pricing model that works for everyone.

Resellers can start using ShopPack for as little as 5€ per ad on one marketplace per month, while manufacturers get the full throttle exposure across all 20 marketplaces for a mere 195€ per month.
Compared to the costs of social media advertising, this makes a much more affordable and efficient alternative. With ShopPack, excellent marketing and growth don’t have to come with a hefty price tag.

The ShopPack Advantage

In summary, ShopPack offers your brand the unique advantage of increased visibility, targeted reach, global market penetration, and enhanced SEO. By using our ShopPack service, you don’t just present your products to a passionate audience; you’re also taking a significant step toward improving your brand’s global standing in the motorsport market.

Take the leap today and drive your sales forward with ShopPack. It’s more than just a service; it’s a passport to a world of opportunity in the vibrant, thriving sphere of motorsport.

Discover the ShopPack advantage today, contact us at or get in touch with your nearest Regional Manager.

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