How to post an ad / get points?

How to post an ad?

  • Login to your account
  • Click on the “Post a new ad” button
  • Insert all info regarding your item (title, description, specifications), photos and contact phone
  • At the bottom you can already select ad extensions like Premium ad or Highlighted, by simply ticking the box
  • Click Publish
  • You’ll be redirected to Checkout page, where you’ll see a list of selected services.
  • Click on the button “Pay with points”. If your balance is too low to complete the checkout, you need to get more points. To learn how to do that, check “How to get points” guide below.
  • That’s it, your ad is live, waiting for a buyer and translation by our team.

    Ad extension on new item post form
    Ad extension on new item post form

How to get points?

  • Login to your account
  • Click on the “Get more here” button in your listings or on the left menu
  • Select the desired amount of points you want to buy and click the button “Buy this pack”
  • You’ll be redirected to your cart, where you can continue to pay using Paypal (your Paypal account or credit card) or via bank transfer (may take a few days to process, available only on some marketplaces). If you selected Paypal, you’ll finished the payment at their website, before being redirected back to Your newly acquired points will be available in your account after payment is processed, usually in up to 5 minutes after order was completed.
  • Once your points are listed, you can start using them for posting ads or ordering ad extensions.
Point packs

How to get points for free?

  • Post a link to on your website and send us an email to receive free 10 points.
  • Share our Facebook page on your (page or profile) and send us an email to receive 2 points per day (up to 10 in total).
  • Follow us on Facebook and other social media channels and enter our regular giveaways for free points.

How to order ad extensions later on?

  • Ad extensions like Premium and Highlighted are available immediately in your user panel, simply click on the desired option and finish the order the same way as you posted an ad, pay with points and complete. Your ad will become premium/highlighted immediately and on all 20 marketplaces for 7 days.
    Option Move to top will become available 5 days after you posted an ad.

    ad extension buttons
    Example of ad extension buttons below your ads


    How to finish posting ad if you had to buy more points?

  • Click on the Cart button in top or side menu and complete the order.
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