Job offer: Regional Manager

We are looking for Regional Managers to cover the individual marketplace and boost our brand presence. You will be joining a fast-growing team of the largest racing marketplace network in Europe, currently covering 20 marketplaces in 24 countries.

Currently open positions:
France, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, Portugal.

What you will have to do?

– Represent and grow brand recognition under brand guidelines
– Identify, negotiate and acquire new banner advertising partners

What do you need to be?

– preferrably, somehow already involved in motorsport. Perhaps as a driver, co-driver or team owner, as this way the earnings would probably end back into motorsport, while at the same time, you would gather direct contacts to people responsible for advertising and sponsorships in the companies, which could be interested in sponsoring you directly.
– native speaker and located in chosen country, fluent in English
– experience with sales is desirable, but interest in motorsport is more important – sales can always be taught, passion must be felt.
– a legal entity in order to invoice us.

What do we offer?

– remote freelance work from your home / office.
– freedom of selecting work time.
– commission based payments, up to 8000 EUR per month and more.
– 6 month trial contract (to see if this is the work you enjoy doing).
– no requirements in working hours per week / month at all.
– full support from design team to provide any graphics on request.
– additional perks and goodies.
– possibility of becoming a licensed partner

Do you see yourself in this role?

Send your CV in English to and convince us that you are the right fit for the job.

Other details will be discussed with each individual during the online interview process, but you are free to send us any question you might have about the job listing to beforehand. All entries will be processed confidentially and deleted after job offer expires with non-selected candidates notified via email in 14 days after entry deadline.

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