New functionalities: Make an offer & watchlist

We are delighted to announce two new useful features to our marketplace network.

1. Make an offer
As a seller you can opt to consider offers for the listed item during the ad posting / editing process, simply by ticking the checkbox inside the price container. Once enabled, the buyers will be able to submit their offers by clicking on the button inside each ad, same as sending inquiry, call, or buy now buttons. Seller will be notified via email about a new offer, as well as the buyer about the seller decision, once the latter reviews the offer and suitably rejects or accepts it.
If your offer was rejected, you will be able to submit a new one, while in case of accepted, you’ll receive a further instructions inside confirmation email. To learn more, please check the “Make an offer” section inside FAQ.
All offer submissions and acceptances are subject to T&C, please review them before making any actions. Offer submission does not require registration and is available to any visitor of the marketplace.

2. Watchlist
Now you can easily track your favorite ads by adding them to your “watchlist”. No need to fill up your bookmarks bar, simply click on the “Add to my watchlist” button inside each ad (located in the additional information) and you’ll have all of your favorite ads to follow inside your user panel in a dedicated Watchlist tab.
Don’t miss any updates and price changes, have a clear overview on the cars you are interested to buy with the new watchlist functionality. Please note that this functionality is available only for registered users.

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