Racemarket.net Pioneers Circular Economy in Motorsports Through Exclusive Partnership with OMSE and First Corner

Ljubljana, 14.2.2024 – Racemarket.net, the globally renowned marketplace for motorsports enthusiasts, proudly announces its groundbreaking partnership with OMSE and First Corner. This unique collaboration aims to spearhead a circular economy within the motorsports community, particularly focused on the upgrade from Supercar Lites to the revolutionary FC2 concept.

The FC2 concept redefines motorsport by creating identical vehicles through the recycling and reuse of current Supercar Lites. This innovative approach includes the enhancement of existing components and the resale of surplus parts through Racemarket.net marketplaces. The overarching goal is to minimize the carbon footprint of the FC2 while aligning motorsports with environmental sustainability.

This innovative investment reduction program, allows Supercar Lites owners to recoup an estimated 30% of their initial investment by recycling surplus parts. These components will be made available for reuse in other racing formulas or by current Supercar Lite owners with a solution enabled by Racemarket.net.

This strategic partnership solidifies Racemarket.net’s position as a global sales hub for the motorsport community. Acting as a bridge between motorsports enthusiasts and innovative programs like FC2, Racemarket.net continues to shape the landscape of motorsports commerce.

“We are thrilled to be part of this revolutionary endeavor with OMSE and First Corner,” said Jure Krapenc, CEO at Racemarket.net. “This partnership not only aligns with our commitment to fostering a circular economy but also underscores our dedication to being the premier sales point for the global motorsport community.”

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