Racemarket partners with Trustap to enhance security for buyers and sellers

We are excited to announce a significant update to our platform designed to enhance your buying and selling experience. We have fully integrated a trusted payment solution called Trustap into the Racemarket network, providing our users with a secure, seamless way to buy and sell race cars, spares, and equipment.

What is Trustap?

Trustap is an advanced payment solution designed to offer robust security for online transactions. By incorporating Trustap’s escrow-style payment solution, we ensure that every transaction on our platform is safe, reliable, and transparent. Key features of Trustap include Buyer Protection, the ability to request refunds, and access to comprehensive customer support.

Buyer Benefits:

  • Ultimate Security: Trustap’s escrow-style payment system ensures the highest level of security, protecting buyers from potential scams.
  • 100% Buyer Protection: Transactions made via Trustap automatically receive Buyer Protection, guaranteeing secure transactions, protection against non-receipt, and the ability to request refunds.
  • Risk Mitigation: Trustap minimizes financial risk by ensuring that both parties fulfill their obligations before payment is released.
  • Low fees: With just a 2% fee, buyers can enjoy complete peace of mind.

Seller Benefits:

  • Zero Selling Fees: Sellers enjoy zero fees, as Trustap’s small fee is paid by the buyer in exchange for full buyer protection.
  • Increased Sales: The secure environment created by escrow-style payments encourages trust from buyers, reducing deal abandonment rates.
  • Fraud Detection: Trustap’s 24/7 fraud monitoring protects against fraudulent transactions.
  • Mediation and Resolution: In the unlikely event of a dispute, Trustap offers mediation and resolution services to ensure fair outcomes

The Trustap solution is now fully integrated into the Racemarket network, making it easier than ever for you to benefit from enhanced transaction security. You can find more details and instructions how to use it here.

We recommend using a secure transaction for every sale, especially if it’s not done in person, as it ensures the acquired goods will arrive and as agreed, without risk of being scammed.

Should you require any assistance, feel free to contact us at info@racemarket.net.

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