Secure transactions, now on racemarket network

In the past years, we’ve taken many steps to ensure safe and secure experience, from registration to inquiry moderation, but there was one aspect that we couldn’t ensure – secure transactions. Until today.

We are happy to announce our newest partnership with trustshare, who will enable buyer and seller verification for a complete peace of mind for both parties. Secure checkout buttons can be found inside each ad on all marketplaces.

Main benefits for sellers:
– know who you are transacting with as the buyer’s identity is verified
– see in real-time when funds are transferred into the dedicated escrow account, so you can start to arrange the delivery, get paid on time!

Main benefits for buyers:
– know who you are transacting with, as seller’s identity is verified.
– keep your money safe and release it only after you confirm that delivered goods are as agreed.

Learn more at:
*fees may apply (see FAQ section).

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