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  • Goodbye points, hello credits
    Some of you really liked the point system we’ve had as a method of payment for ads and extensions, but many also complained that it’s too confusing. That’s why from now on, you do not need to acquire a point pack in order to post an ad or an extension, you can pay for each ad individually using available payment methods.
    But we did not forgot about those who liked the points, which are now called credits. And yes, you can still buy a credit pack for your virtual wallet and use the balance to post ads or extensions. You also get free additional credits with every pack acquired.
    All remaining points on your account will be converted into credits in the next 14 days.
  • 4-wheeled marketplaces is now a marketplace for four wheel vehicles only. There is one exception though, the rally raid motorbikes are still welcome in the rally raid category, while we had to say goodbye to motocross and superbikes.

  • Increased image size from 640px to 1600px
    We’ve increased the size of the images uploaded in your ads so buyers will be able to see more detailed photos of your cars, parts or equipment. Combined with new gallery view with zoom functionality, it should provide better view of the advertised item state.

  • New gallery view in ads
    As already mentioned in previous point, there is a new gallery view inside ads, which allows you to browse images as slideshow, open them in full screen and zoom to see the details. Don’t forget to check it in fullscreen landscape mode on mobile too 😉

  • New payment method: Stripe
    To simplify payments, we’ve added Stripe as a new gateway, as many of you told us that it was not always possible to pay using your credit card through Paypal, without having an account there. But don’t worry, PayPal and bank transfer will still remain available.

  • Simpler contact options
    The contact options remain the same: email or telephone. Both of them are easy accessible on the right side of each ad, as the contact box scrolls down with you, so you cannot miss it, while on mobile devices, if you choose to contact via phone, you have additional options to call, copy number or send a text message .

  • Extras: print ad, save to PDF
    Below owner info inside each ad, there are two new options – print ad, which offers a more printer-friendly version of the ad and save to PDF, which creates an advert you can use to advertise in the “analog” world. Try it, you’ll see what we mean.

  • Simplified “mark as sold”
    No more moving to “Sold” category option, now you have a simple “mark as Sold” button next to each ad in the user account list, click on it and ad will be marked as sold, with contact options removed, so you will not receive further inquiries.

  • Posting fees
    Saving the best for the last, posting fees for ads and extensions did not rise. In fact, they are even a little bit lower than they were.

    So, what do you think? Give it a go and let us know, post your ad now.
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