Updated Terms of Service and new features!

We’ve updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, please read the updated version here.
By visiting our website or using our services, you agree with the new terms.

What’s new?

    • Graphics: a keen eye can spot a bit of difference in our logo, modern website fonts and a few improvements, which are still yet to come.


    • Safety: usage of our marketplaces and your personal data are now even more secure, as we transitioned all our websites to secure https connection, which will also help to increase the reach of your ads.


    • Improved translations: our team continues to work on improving each marketplace to its maximal potential with better translations of the categories, their descriptions and of course, your ads.


    • Points system: we are introducing a new points system, for all on-site payments, ads and their extensions (Premium etc). Order a pack of points and spend it for whatever and whenever you want. Easy and quick in your user panel, with just one click on a button.  Safety ensured by secure connection and Paypal. In fact, to ease you in on the whole system, we’ve already added 10 points to your account and set up a promotional prices of 2 points per ad posting until April.


    • New ad extensions: so far, you could make your ad Premium or Golden, both options remain still available, but they are joined by two really useful extensions:
      • Highlight: which highlights your ad with a special color for better visibility and higher chance of sale
      • Move to top: which moves your ad back to the top of the category / front page, as you would post it right now.


  • Ad export options: 
    • Website extension: option to display all your ads on your personal website
    • Facebook extension: option to display all your ads on your Facebook page
      You can find more about Ad export options here.

Even though the process of posting and managing ads hasn’t changed much, we’ve prepared a simple instructional guide on how to post an ad or get points.
For all questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via email, social media or chat.

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