Why should you use escrow?

Why should you use trustshare escrow for every acquisition?

  1. Because you can never be too sure if the seller is really the person who is claiming to be. -> Escrow seller verification will ensure that and expose any potential scammers with robust KYC and AML checks.
  2. Because your money is protected. If the car or spare part is not delivered or is not in the state as agreed, your money stays with you, as it’s still hold on the dedicated escrow account, as opposed to the regular bank transfer, where your money would be lost.
  3. Chance of dispute. Trustshare will handle all the disputes in case something goes wrong, banks won’t do that.

Complete peace of mind for every acquisition, who wouldn’t want that? For a fee of only 4% of the agreed sale amount.

How to start? Once you agree with the seller to buy something, simply use the link inside the ad to initiate the transaction. Simple.

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