WRC co-driver wins by country UPDATED

Remember our original WRC Co-driver wins map by countries?

Here is the new version, with updated stats from the last rally, WRC Argentina 2017.

wrc codriver wins by nationality


TEXT version:

Let’s start with one win, which currently goes to 7 countries: Argentina (Jorge del Buono), USA (Sergio Cresto), Canada (Doug Woods), South Africa (Stuart Pegg), Portugal (Edgar Fortes), Ivory Coast (Daniel le Saux) and New Zealand (John Kennard).

From two to five, there is Ireland – 5 wins (Ronan McNamee and 4x Paul Nagle), Austria – 2 (Ferdinand Hinterleitner and Jorg Pattermann) and Norway – 3 (Ola Floene, 2x Anders Jæger).

In the margin of six to ten we have Belgium with 8 (3x Christian Delferrier, 4x Nicolas Gilsoul, Sven Smeets) and Kenya (Mike Doughty, David Doig, Lofty Drews  and David Williamson ) with 8 wins.

In the range from 11-20 there is Germany with 15 (13 by Christian Geistdorfer, one each by Jochen Berger and Peter Diekmann).

Next one fits in the margin from 21-30, with 28 wins there is Spain (23 by Luis Moya, 3 By Marc Marti Moreno, 1 Carlos del Barrio Corral).
From 31-40 there is Italy, with 34 (16 by Tiziano Siviero, 5 Fabrizia Pons, 4 Silvio Maiga, 3 Mario Mannucci, Bernacchini, Cassina, Evangelisti, Farnocchia, Mannini, Rosetti.)

Range between 41 and 50 wins is empty, while next one is Sweden with 56 wins (Arne Hertz, Hans Thorszelius, Bjorn Cederberg, Staffan Parmander, Lars Backman, Claes Billstam, Per Carlsson,Claes-Goran Andersson, Jonas Andersson, Bruno Berglund, Hans Sylvan).

With 78 wins by himself for Principality of Monaco, 9 times World Rally Co-driver Champion, Daniel Elena!

The final three countries are not a hard guess for any rally fan.

Third one from the top is Great Britain with 81 wins (Nicky Grist, Philip Mills, Robert Reid, Derek Ringer, Terry Harryman, Fred Gallagher, Michael Park, Henry Liddon, David Richards, John Meadows, John Davenport, Paul White and Neil Wilson).

Second best, just above 100 is France, who has 102 steps on top of the podium (Julien Ingrassia tops the list with 39, Bernard Occelli, Alain Mahe, Herve Panizzi, Denis Giraudet, Daniel Grataloup, Jean Todt, Jean-Marc Andrie, Jean-Paul Chiaroni, Jean-Francois Fauchille, Michel Gamet, Jacques Jaubert, Michele Petit, Gilles Thimonier, Michel Vial, Vincent Laverne, Jean-Claude Lefebvre, Jean-Jacques Lenne, Claude Papin).

And with the massive margin of 135 wins, top of the co-driver list goes to Finland (Timo Rautiainen,
Seppo Harjanne, Ilkka Kivimaki, Miikka Anttila, Jarmo Lehtinen, Juha Piironen, Risto Mannisenmaki, Juha Repo,
Atso Aho, Kaj Lindstrom, Jaakko Markkula, Risto Pietilainen, and Martti Tiukkanen).

So here they are, all countries with co-drivers who have won World Rally Championship rally. Tell us what you think in comments below, which one will be the next one added to this list? Will France ever catch Finland? Also feel free to share this article as well as our map, which you can freely use on your blogs with attribution to our website.

If you want to look further in the numbers of each individual stated here, visit Juwra.com stats.

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