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Commission sales

Finding a serious buyer for your race car takes time and money. But we won't take neither from you*.
We will display your car in front of the people who want it, handle all initial inquiries and introduce you to the buyer. The rest (agreement and pickup terms) is up to you and the buyer.
You still retain all the control to when, where and to whom your car will be sold, we'll only provide options for the "whom" part.

What will you gain?
  • - no fees or commissions for you as a seller with exclusivity* (or up to just 4% fee)
  • - show your car on Europe's biggest racing marketplace network to maximize sale chances
  • - a dedicated manager in multiple countries to simplify the sale (communication and agreements)
  • - show your car in front of thousands daily involved in motorsport
  • - spare your time, as we'll handle all inquiries
  • - option to get paid via safe and secure transaction
  • - option to get transport arranged by our logistic partners
  • ...or, to quote one of the recent clients: "Nothing to lose, much to gain".

We've already ensured the sales of entry-level cars ranging from 5000€ all the way to the top level LMP3 cars in amount of more than 200.000€, so let us help you too.

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User reviews

What others say about it.

“If you are selling your race car this is THE website you need! Sold 2 cars in ultra short period of time. Amazing reach!”
V. Sipos (Croatia)
Review from our Facebook page
"Awesome website, sold my rally car in a week. Thank you very much, racemarket!”
W. Schulz (Germany)
Review from our Facebook page
I can only recommend as a place to sell your rally car (or other racing equipment) and I will use their services again in the future, starting from looking for a new rally car to buy.”
Matej M. (Slovenia)
excerpt from review at TrustPilot

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

You only need to send us detailed description of the car / part, including up to 10 photos (and video if available) and we'll submit an ad on our marketplace network on your behalf. We will only contact you in case additional info is needed and when the buyer decides to acquire your item. The remaining agreements about pickup / delivery are to be agreed between seller and buyer, without awareness of racemarket team.

Is it really free?

As a seller, will not be charged any commissions or fees at all, in case of online exclusivity, otherwise just up to 4% when the car is sold. No sale, no fees.

Do you accept any race car or spare part?

We carefully select the cars or parts that we believe, based on our experience, can be interesting to our visitors and sold in a short amount of time. We deserve the right to decline representing an item that we do not find suitable, without providing an explicit reason. However, if you visited this page via link sent by one of our team members, you probably own one that fits our criteria. Check out our current inventory and from our Iberian team here.

Can I still advertise it elsewhere?

With online exclusivity option, you can advertise in only "offline" and not on any other website. But we'll make sure you won't have a need to.

Will you handle the sale contract?

No, we only get you the customer and introduce both parties on the initiation of the escrow process. The actual contract, terms and other agreements are between seller and buyer and not in our awareness nor responsibility.

Will you handle delivery to the customer?

We do not offer delivery services directly, however we can connect you with a few of our partners, well established shipping companies, specialized in car transport and they can arrange the pickup and delivery of the sold vehicle.

Why escrow?

As mentioned on many occasions, escrow ensures security for both parties and many other benefits, learn more here.

Terms and Conditions

Seller is responsible for confirming the accuracy of the advert (listing), while buyer needs to get acquainted with all the details about the offered goods included in the sale. Racemarket is not included or involved in the contract between seller and buyer, is not aware about the goods condition and does not carry any inspection of the cars and parts offered by users. Racemarket cannot be held responsible for any dispute, loss or damage, as a result of incorrect description provided by the seller or its (mis)translations on other marketplaces. All transactions are handled by trustshare and subject to their Terms & Conditions, which you can find here, including potential disputes between parties. network is not responsible nor directly included in any transaction processed through trustshare as a result of agreement via our network. The checkout process may contain racemarket branding including logo for the purpose of legitimacy and racemarket brand name in the checkout "to" field to protect seller identity, but racemarket network is never the recipient of the deposit, trustshare is. Further rules apply as stated here.
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