How to post an ad
& other FAQ


How to register?

Click here to go to the registration page, where you insert your data.

First insert your name, which will be displayed on ads and in your public profile.

Next, insert your desired password, twice and email (to which you'll receive all inquiries). Finally select the user type, either User (individual) or Company (registered company or team).
Afterwards, read and accept the Terms of Service by ticking the box and then click Register.
That's it, enjoy using our marketplaces!

How to buy points?

Points are no longer used as a method of payment since April 2020. But you can still buy a credit pack which saves the certain amount of credits to your virtual wallet and use them to post ads and order extensions, just like before. The only difference now is that buying a credit pack is not obligatory (as it was with points), you can buy one if you want or pay for each ad/extension individually.

How to place an ad?

First login to your account.
Click on the "Place a new ad" button on top of the page, fill out the form, add photos and optionally select additional promotion for your ad like Premium or Highlighted extension and click Publish.

In the second step you'll finish posting by paying with one of the available methods of payment (Stripe, Paypal, bank transfer, wallet balance).

That's it! Your ad is now posted, will be shortly translated by our team and will be waiting for a buyer. Good luck!

How to edit your profile info?

Login to your user panel and click the "Edit profile info" button in the menu of the left side (or on top in mobile devices). Fill out as much information as possible to provide more credibility for potential buyers. Companies can add URL to their websites and upload logo, which will be displayed on individual ads.

How to mark your item as sold / delete ad?

In the list of your ads inside your user panel, you have buttons next to each ad, one of these is "mark as Sold". Simply click on the button and that's it. The contact form in your ad will be disabled and you won't recieve any further inquiries. And the same goes for deleting an ad, there is a button for that too. By only marking it as sold and not removing the ad entirely you are helping us with better organic reach of our marketplaces, therefore increase in visitors and better sale chance for your next ad.

How to make ad with price "Ask for price"?

Inside the ad submission form, in the Price part, you have an option to insert price or select one of the two options: Free or Ask for price. Select the latter one and proceed.

What are credits?

Credits are our virtual currency, which is kept in your user wallet and can be used to submit ads or ordering extensions. Acquiring credits is not obligatory, but by choosing one of the credit pack, you get additional worth of credits for free, which is useful for those with multiple ads. Please note that credits are not refundable or exchangeable.

Make an offer


How to submit an offer?

If the ad has an option to submit an offer enabled, you'll see the icon (on mobile) or button "Make an offer" inside it. To check all the offers and to submit your own, simply click on it.
Then select "Submit new offer" and fill out the form accordingly. First add the amount you are willing to pay (note the correct currency), your name, phone and email, optionally add a comment and submit it.
After review from our team, the seller will be notified about your offer. Your will be informed if buyer has accepted or refused it. If the offer was accepted, you'll receive an email with further details, while in case of being refused, you can submit a new, revised one for buyer's consideration.
Please note that by submitting an offer you agree to comply with all the rules as specified in the "Terms and conditions" box below.

How to withdraw an offer?

To withdraw your offer, please contact owner using contact form inside each ad and ask it to decline your offer.

Why escrow?

Escrow ensures secure transaction for both parties and shows the seller that you are serious with your offer by depositing the amount on a secure account. This way you are also protected as seller needs to pass verification (so you know you are paying to the rightful owner) and in case the received goods are not as agreed, your money is still safe with you, as you only release the amount after goods are delivered and confirmed. Complete peace of mind for every acquisition.
Please note that escrow process requires a buyer's fee in addition of 2% of the agreed amount, paid additionaly with deposit. Fees once paid are not returnable/refundable or transferrable in any case.

What happens after payment?

When you complete your deposit on the escrow account, you can freely arrange the sale contract with the seller as well as the arrangements for pickup / deliver of the goods. And once the goods are delivered and as agreed, you simply release the amount from the escrow to the seller.

Terms and conditions

By submitting an offer, you accept the terms and conditions. as listed in clause 11 and other clauses inside T&C. By agreeing to use the escrow-style transactions, you are also legally bound to accept the terms and conditions used by the provider trustap, available here.


How to manage offers?

You can find all offers submitted for your ads and those submitted by you for other's ads inside your user account - Offers tab. To see offers for an individual ad, click on the arrow on the right side. Carefully review each offer and accept or deny accordingly.
Please note that the decision cannot be revoked. Do not accept more than one offer per ad, unless the buyer from the previously accepted offer does not respond. Optionally you can add a comment to each offer with explanation - reason of acceptance or refusal, which will be sent to the buyer.

What happens when I click "accept"?

Once you click accept, you'll be able to see the buyer's contact data (email + phone), while the buyer will be informed via email automatically about your decision and will have up to 48 hours to confirm its seriousness by depositing funds in a secure escrow account from the link inside email notification. You as a seller will be informed by the trustshare escrow about the initiation of the process and further details to continue.

What happens when I click "decline"?

Once you click decline, the buyer will be informed via email automatically about your decision, including reason for refusal (if you provide one) and will be able to submit a new, revised offer again.

Why escrow?

Escrow ensures secure transaction for both parties and provides a proof of buyer's seriousness with real-time funds visibility. This way you don't have to worry about buyer wasting your time with non serious offer that isn't fulfilled, and you can freely start organizing the pickup / delivery. Please note that there are no seller fees for using escrow.

I've made a mistake!

If you have mistakenly declined an offer, please contact us immediately and we'll inform the buyer about it. Please note that our support is available from 8am to 4pm (CET) Mon-Fri, with limited availability outside working hours.
If you have mistakenly accepted an offer, please contact the buyer (and us) immediately, its contact data will be shown in your offer list, before the buyer starts the escrow process and deposits funds, as the deposit amount might be returned while the escrow fees are non-refundable and buyer might occur financial damage for which we cannot be held responsible.

Buyer does not respond

Once you accept an offer, the buyer that submitted the accepted offer, will be notified via email and has up to 48 hours to prove its seriousness by depositing the proposed amount in a secure escrow account.
If the buyer fails to do so in a timely manner, you can accept another offer (if available), but you must clearly inform the first buyer via email that his offer is not valid anymore. Failure to do so, may result into buyer making the deposit later, which by escrow provider terms can be refunded, but will be charged escrow fees which are non-refundable and therefore the buyer may experience financial loss, that we nor the escrow provider cannot be held responsible or liable for.

What happens after deposit is confirmed?

When you are notified about buyer's deposit on the escrow account, you can freely arrange the sale contract with the buyer as well as the arrangements for pickup / deliver of the goods.

Terms and conditions

By enabling the "make an offer" funcionality in your ad, you accept the terms and conditions as listed in clause 11 and other clauses inside T&C.

Escrow-style payments (trustap)

Detailed info

All the information about the escrow, trustap, instructions and terms can be found on a dedicated page here.

Frequently asked questions

What does "20 marketplaces" mean?

Exactly what it says. is divided into 20 single-language marketplaces, covering almost every European country, while the main benefit is that all ads are displayed everywhere and translated in marketplace language respectively by our team, which increases exposure for your ad and makes it easier for a buyer to understand.
When you post an ad for Fiesta R5 rally car for sale, you also posted an ad for Fiesta R5 rallye voiture a vendre, Fiesta R5 auto da rally in vendita and so on, by taking a few minutes to post that one ad, you actually posted 20 of them and spare a lot of time, 19 times less, to be exact.

Can I use the same data to login on other marketplaces?

Yes, your username and password can be used on all 20 marketplaces, there is no need to register once again.

Can I select on which marketplaces will my ad be visible?

No, this is not possible, all ads are visible on all 20 marketplaces to provide maximal exposure. The decision on where you'll sell your item is always yours, we just provide more options.

How can I contact a certain seller?

Each ad has obligatory email contact option and optionally via telephone. You can contact seller by clicking on email button, which will take you to the contact form, or, if stated, telephone field, where you can copy the number in your phone or use any of the services to call like Skype, Whatsapp etc.

How to view the same ad on different marketplace?

Insert the country prefix directly in url to be transferred to the same ad on other marketplace.
To see it on French marketplace, simply add fr. in front: and press enter.
And voila, you are on French marketplace!

Do you own all items from ads?

No, does not own items advertised on marketplaces, unless clearly stated and does not have info about their whereabouts other than the one stated publicly inside ads. To get more info about the advertised item, contact seller in each ad directly. All ads listed by "racemarket Sales" or "racemarket team" are for sale on commission, but not owned or inspected by us and we have no insights on their condition and location apart from the information submitted to us by the actual owner.

Is free?

Access to marketplaces and creation of a new account (registration) are all free of charge, while ad submission requires a payment depending on the items you want to advertise. Alternatively, we also offer an option of "commission sales" with no fees for you as a seller in case of online exclusivity. See pricing for more details.

Is safe?

We take all required measures to keep your data safe using secure connection, while safety of the payment transactions is additionally ensured by Paypal / Stripe. We do not expose your email anywhere to prevent someone sending you unsolicited email, while all inquiries your ads receive are moderated by our team and you only receive those, who we deem relevant.

Why there is no more "call" option in the ads?

We are aware that call buttons inside each ad were useful feature for initial contact with the sellers, however due to their phone numbers being publicly listed on the web, some of the sellers has informed us, that they are receiving messages or calls that are not in accordance with the purpose they've submitted their number for (unsolicited advertising etc), therefore we had make the decision to protect our users and remove this functionality entirely. Please use the contact forms and ask the seller for its phone number if required.

Why can't I add description and website link to my profile?

There were plenty accounts made in the past months with sole intention of leaving backlink and some content inside user descriptions for spammy SEO reasons. We disabled user/company description field and website link until at least 1 ad is posted from your account. Then the two boxes will appear in your user edit menu and you'll be able to add this info.

I am a company, how can I see pricing without VAT?

If you are a company (eligible for VAT deduction), please make sure you select the user type "company" upon registration and enter the VAT number inside your user account for pricing without VAT, as later changes will not be possible.

How can I pay for ad submission?

We offer various options of payments: bank transfer, Paypal and Stripe for credit card payments. Please note, that it may take a few days for bank transfers to be processed, so your order will be completed only after payment is verified, while payment by Paypal / Stripe will result in instant completion of your order. If you are a company (eligible for VAT deduction), please make sure you enter the VAT number inside your user account for pricing without VAT, as later changes will not be possible.

I don't receive inquiries, does the contact form in my ad work?

Don't worry, the contact form works perfectly. The reason you didn't receive the inquiry could be one of the following:
1. Your ad was by now not seen by a buyer interested in what you are selling.
2. There was an inquiry which our moderation team did not find as serious, so we did not forward it to your inbox. We always spare you with all the time wasters and spammers.

Having problems with login or other functions?

Please enable cookies. If problem still occurs, please contact us at

Haven't found an answer to your question?

Send us your question at and you will get a reply as soon as possible.