The FC2 concept bought to you by OMSE and First Corner redefines motorsport by creating identical FC2 vehicles via the recycling and reuse of surplus components made redundant by the upgrading of current SupercarLites to the new FC2 specification.

This innovative approach includes the enhancement of existing components and the resale of surplus parts through this unique dedicated web page, with the overreaching goal being to minimize the carbon footprint of the FC2 and aligning motorsports with environmental sustainability.

An innovative investment reduction program generated by OMSE and First Corner, also allows SupercarLite owners to recoup an estimated 30% of the initial FC2-KIT investment they made. This is achieved by the parts being categorised and listed in the following pages and available for purchase, thereby gaining a return on their investment.

The recycled parts offered for sale can be purchased and used in any other racing formula or indeed by current SupercarLite owners looking to refresh or upgrade their cars.

Please refer to the PARTS CATALOGUE to learn more details about each part based on the article number.

Check out available spare parts for Supercar Lites:

Engine Body Chassis Electrical Various


  • - 2.4 lt Ford Duratec engine (AV4406) Incl. Inlet manifold, injectors, water pump, alternator, oil pump (in or out mounted)
  • - Exhaust manifold (AV5301)
  • - Flywheel (AV4152)
  • - AEM Engine ECU+harness complete
  • - Clutch cover (AV 4767)
  • - Air Box in and out (AV 3479 & AV3480)


  • - Rear body assembly (AV4315)
  • - Front Body assembly (AV3525)
  • - Main Body assembly (AV3521)


  • - Front R53 dampers (AV4378)
  • - Front rocker L&R (AV4334) x2
  • - Front lower A arm L (AV4437)
  • - Front lower A arm R (AV4438)
  • - Front Top A arm L (AV4009)
  • - Front Top A arm R (AV4028)
  • - Rear Rocker L&R (AV4338) x2
  • - Rear lower A arm L (AV4005)
  • - Rear lower A arm R (AV4023)
  • - Rear Top A arm R&L (AV4004) x2


  • - AEM ECU
  • - AEM Lambda sensor
  • - AEM Coil drive
  • - Dash AIM MXL (AV4257)
  • - Engine harness
  • - Main chassis harness
  • - Control panel (AV4957)


  • - Steering wheel (AV4136)
  • - Water header tank (AV3481)
  • - Radiator (AV4080)
  • - Gear change lever (AV4222)
  • - Air filter box assembly (AV4654)
  • - Front crashbar (AV 4364)
  • - Gear mechansim (AV4309)
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