1986 Ford RS200 TYPE-S

Historic / Group B / Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Price: 290.000 $


Hello I am selling my 1986 Ford rs200 S
This particular S was the personal car of Murray De Weerdt who invented the S model for Ford. I have faxes from Bob Howe of ford motors from 1986 detailing the original sale and tons and tons of supporting documents and historical paperwork. I am the second owner and bought the car directly from Murray. With the sale comes over 250 new and used original parts some still in the original ford boxes from 1986. Also with the sale comes over 2000 brand new original sales brochures spines un broken. which are thee largest collection of these particular brochures in existence in the entire world so who ever owns these controls the market price. which currently stands at between 40 and 90 euros each.

There is a lot of very very interesting paper work that comes with the sale including personal letters from Bob Howe of ford motors detailing the sale and a number of other supporting documents that make this particular S very unique and rare on top of the fact it was the creators personal car.

The car has also had all the mandatory engine up keep done to maintain value by Godfrey Engineering and I have all the receipts for that totalling around 19 thousand British pounds. the car is # 110 and chassis number
Chassis SFACXXBJ2CGL00110 - "S" vin #SFACXXBJ2CGL00110
the car is over 350 HP and only 20 S type models were ever made making this one extremely rare car and a piece of automotive history.

This car is first come first serve I am asking a very reasonable price and will not take any lowball offers so please do not inquire if this vehicle is not for you. all parts and brochures are included in the sale or you can buy the car by itself. I recommend buying the parts tho as a lot of these parts are worth a fair amount and are very rare and hard to find especially new in the original box.

Please send any offers or inquires and if any agent other then myself has contacted you about this car I am the owner and can provide proof upon request. I will include a few photos of the engine, interior, chassis number and a few parts to give an idea and some of the brochures.

Murray H. de Weerdt (who was the genius behind the S version ( rally specifications, rally colours, 350 HP )
This car was one of the two S cars that found their way to Canada as had been the original plan.

What does "S" Mean = "Best Road RS200's ever"

The genius behind this great idea was Mr Murray from Canada
In fact, Murray realise that the original car was underepower and that the S version was in reality how the car should be ! We agree
The deal involved the sale of 20 vehicles to Canada.
A deposit was paid and the chassis numbers were selected from the FORD stock.

These vehicles then had upgrades done to them, electric windows, some with air-con, ears and rally colours with blue stripes + the 350 HP upgrade engine of course. The target was to make them "best Road RS200's ever" and Murray succeed as the S Version is the Best Road RS200 
FORD agree to badge them as RS200S.
FORD at that time would not permit this without a heck of a lot of paperwork filling and decision making at a very high level, rules regarding the use of names and letters on cars were very stringent, 
Bob Howe suggested that once in the hands of the Canadian purchaser they would be able to add the letter S as they so required.
May be all EVO S cars had the heavy duty rear differential and power steering.
There were at least 2 A/C cars both road. The others all had air - recirculation and an improved (better fittment) air flow into and out of the stock fan. 
These cars had an excellent windshield heater that was not switchable and fully functional in the summer (radiator outflow). small repairs to how the air system flowed improved the heat levels in the cockpit immensely - much cooler.

All EVO S cars were supposed to have black sparco's 1cm wider, all road cars to have red sparcos and Recarro's most cars were delivered with only one set of seats. All supposed to come with a set of Sabelt Belts in addition to the 3 point belt. Some of them like chassis 167 was used as rally cars.
Of the 20 cars selected, 16 were "normal" road cars and 4 were evolutions.
RS200 Evolution 'S' cars:-  096, 101, 153, & 168.
RS200 'S' Road cars and Rally cars 102, 109, 110, 111, 120, 121, 125, 129, 137, 138, 144, 152, 164, 167, 173, 175.

Thank you for your time and have a great day.

Kind regards Matthew


Additional info

Gearbox Manual
Power (HP) 350 HP
Year of production 1986
Weight 2601 LBS
Date of last rebuild 2016
Mileage 3124
Item condition Used
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