New rally regulations – “FIA Rally Pyramid”

new fia rally groups pyramid

Rally 1: The top group is reserved for WRC or World Rally Cars (also called RC1 in the previous season). The cars are based on the 2017 specifications and are fitted with an all-wheel-drive with active centre differential and a six-speed sequential gearbox with wheel-mounted paddle shifters. Their 1.6-litre turbocharged engine offers 380HP and a maximum torque of approximately 450 Nm.

toyota yaris wrc 2020
Rally 1 car: Toyota Yaris WRC (photo credits:

Rally 2: The second group includes last year’s RC2 class, which can compete in two categories: WRC2 (factory and professional private teams) and WRC3 for the rest of the private teams. While they retain the all-wheel-drive and 1.6-litre turbocharged engine, they have mechanical front and rear differentials and no centre differential as Rally 1 cars do. The engines are limited using 32 mm restrictor, so the power output doesn’t exceed 300 horsepower.

skoda fabia r5
Rally 2 car: Skoda Fabia R5 (photo credits:

Rally 3: The home for the FIA’s all-new, low-cost four-wheel drive car. The intention is to make this a current R2 car with a rear differential. Crucial to this new class is the cost of the car, which the FIA says has to be under €100,000 (£90,000). This will offer drivers and teams the chance to enjoy four-wheel drive, while offering a cost-effective solution to the next generation chasing experience beyond front-wheel drive.

Rally 4: The successor to the R2 class, powered by a turbocharged three-cylinder engine, front-wheel drive, sequential gearbox (six-speed) and up to 200HP. Cars can also have limited-slip differential and hydraulic handbrake.

fiesta rally 4
Rally 4 car: Ford Fiesta Rally 4 (photo credits:

Rally 5: The entry, most affordable group. Cars need to be front-wheel driven with three-cylinder engines and no turbocharging. Maximal engine displacement is limited to 1.4 litres and approx. 150HP. Sequential gearbox and rally suspension is allowed.

fiesta rally 5
Rally 5 car: Ford Fiesta R1 (
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