Rallycross: A High-Octane Motorsport Phenomenon

Rallycross is a thrilling and dynamic motorsport that combines elements of rallying and circuit racing. Known for its short, intense races on mixed-surface tracks, rallycross offers an electrifying spectacle for fans and a unique challenge for drivers. Since its inception in the 1960s, rallycross has grown into a global sport, featuring a variety of classes and attracting top talent from around the world.

History of Rallycross

Rallycross originated in the United Kingdom, with the first event held at Lydden Hill on February 4, 1967. Conceived as a televised sport, rallycross quickly gained popularity due to its spectator-friendly format and the excitement of its races. The sport initially featured modified rally cars competing on mixed-surface tracks, combining the technical skills of rally driving with the wheel-to-wheel action of circuit racing.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, rallycross expanded across Europe, with notable growth in countries like Sweden, Norway, and Belgium. The European Rallycross Championship, established in 1973, became the premier series for the sport, attracting top drivers and manufacturers. The sport continued to evolve, with advancements in car technology and track design enhancing the spectacle and competition.

Major Championships

Today, rallycross features several major championships, each showcasing the sport’s unique blend of speed, skill, and spectacle.

  • FIA World Rallycross Championship (World RX): Launched in 2014, World RX is the premier global rallycross series, sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). The championship features events across Europe, North America, and the Middle East, with top drivers and teams competing in the Supercars class.
  • European Rallycross Championship (Euro RX): Established in 1973, Euro RX remains a cornerstone of the sport. The championship features multiple classes, including Supercars, Super1600, and TouringCar, with events held at iconic European circuits.
  • Americas Rallycross Championship (ARX): Although short-lived (2018-2019), ARX brought rallycross to North America, highlighting the sport’s potential in the region. The series featured top teams and drivers from both sides of the Atlantic.
  • Nitro Rallycross (NRX): Launched in 2021 by action sports legend Travis Pastrana, NRX has quickly become a major player in the rallycross scene. Known for its innovative track designs and high-flying action, NRX has brought a fresh, exciting dimension to the sport.

Successful Drivers and Teams

Rallycross has seen numerous talented drivers and successful teams make their mark on the sport, showcasing incredible skill and determination.


Petter Solberg: The Norwegian driver, a former World Rally Champion, transitioned to rallycross with great success. Solberg won the inaugural World RX championship in 2014 and defended his title in 2015, becoming a rallycross icon.

Johan Kristoffersson: The Swedish driver has dominated World RX in recent years, winning multiple championships (2017, 2018, 2020, and 2021) with his exceptional driving skill and consistency.

Mattias Ekström: Another Swedish star, Ekström, is a versatile driver who has excelled in both DTM and rallycross. He won the World RX championship in 2016 and has been a consistent front-runner.


PSRX Volkswagen Sweden: Co-founded by Petter Solberg, this team has been a dominant force in World RX, securing multiple team and driver championships with drivers like Solberg and Kristoffersson.

EKS: Founded by Mattias Ekström, EKS has been a competitive team in World RX, known for its professional approach and success, including Ekström’s 2016 championship win.

Hansen Motorsport: A family-run team led by Kenneth Hansen, one of the most successful drivers in European rallycross history. Hansen Motorsport has continued to excel in World RX, with Timmy Hansen winning the 2019 championship.

Present Day Rallycross

Rallycross continues to evolve and captivate audiences with its fast-paced, action-packed races. The sport has embraced new technologies and formats to stay at the forefront of motorsport entertainment.

  • Electrification: The introduction of electric rallycross cars in series like World RX demonstrates the sport’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. Electric vehicles offer instant torque and impressive performance, adding a new dimension to rallycross.
  • Track Innovation: Modern rallycross tracks feature a mix of traditional rally elements and innovative obstacles, such as jumps and banked turns, enhancing the spectacle and challenge for drivers.
  • Global Expansion: Rallycross continues to grow its global footprint, with new championships and events emerging in various regions. The sport’s accessibility and excitement make it an appealing platform for both established and emerging motorsport markets.

Rallycross stands out as one of the most exhilarating and dynamic forms of motorsport. From its origins in the UK to its current status as a global phenomenon, rallycross has captivated fans with its intense races and talented drivers. With ongoing innovations in vehicle technology and track design, the sport is set to continue thrilling audiences and pushing the boundaries of motorsport.

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